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We’re here to be your trusted well-being partners 

At Limeade, your clients get more than a solution, more than science. They get a team of experts who provide the support your clients need to create the best employee experience for their people. 

The no-nonsense guide to a refreshing employee well-being strategy

Modern health and wellness programs are overwhelming — with thousands of tools, point solutions and choices. And it’s not easy to navigate the landscape of vendors who all promise the same thing. That’s why we created this comprehensive guide for you to use with your clients that covers our approach to a refreshing employee well-being strategy, including:

  • Checkmarkstep-by-step Limeade customer journey from implementation to impact
  • Checkmarkreal customer success stories to see the Limeade difference
  • Checkmarkoutcomes that tie directly to your client’s people and business goals

Simplify the steps to a successful employee well-being strategy


Build the best employee experience


Reach employees where they are


Achieve higher participation with well-being that goes beyond incentives


Discover the real value of investing in employees

Our expertise in an immersive, holistic well-being strategy runs deep — care makes us different

We’ll keep you updated on our latest product enhancements, news, research and customer stories

Comprehensive Clinical Analytics

Limeade Well-being for Microsoft Teams Integration on desktop and mobile

Limeade for Microsoft Teams

For over 16 years, companies have partnered with us to help make well-being a priority for their employees, directly impacting business results.

“Our satisfaction rating with our previous vendor, I don’t know if we ever got above a 3.7 out of 5. And with Limeade, now, at the end of our third year, we are at a rating of 4.5 out of 5.”

Manager of wellness, professional services

A trusted leader in employee well-being programs

As the pioneer of holistic well-being, we put well-being at the heart of the employee experience. Limeade gives your clients the tools to amplify care with a well-being strategy designed to deliver relevant and personalized resources employees crave, receive actionable insights to make an immediate impact and target high-risk populations with proven interventions — resulting in lower healthcare spend and better business performance. 

“Overall, the implementation was great. Their support, knowledge, flexibility, patience, and level of care were so appreciated. Working with Limeade feels like working with extended members of our own team.”

Dana Stelsel,
Director, Communications


Expanding their well-being program’s capabilities through Limeade allows Ryan to double the amount of monthly active users and increase employee participation in well-being activities by 21%.​

synopsys logo

Synopsys used Limeade to recharge their culture by supporting all aspects of employee well-being. Executive leadership took advantage of program tools, sharing their personal well-being journeys and used Limeade to promote its corporate values.


After partnering with Limeade, more than 66% of eligible employees participated in the program, helping energize the company culture and recharge a dedicated workforce. 

Using Limeade, UPHS created a culture of care that personalized well-being messaging for over 41,000 clinical and administrative employees.


Using targeted communications, they were able to reach at-risk employees and improve overall well-being by 49% and program participation by over 19%.

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Learn how Limeade can help you amplify care every day