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Don’t just keep a pulse on your employees. Hear the heartbeat of your company.

Limeade offers an immersive digital experience focused on improving an employee’s health and well-being while connecting them to peers, managers and leaders.

For over 15 years, companies have partnered with us to help make well-being a priority for their employees, directly impacting business results.


“Our satisfaction rating with our previous vendor, I don’t know if we ever got above a 3.7 out of 5. And with Limeade, now, at the end of our third year, we are at a rating of 4.5 out of 5.”

Manager of wellness, professional services

“Limeade provides structure to our vision of well-being and gives everyone a space where they can share their own passion for wellness and learn about new opportunities.”

Former Virgin Pulse customer

What makes us different? 

We’re more than a digital platform for your people. We offer an immersive human-centered well-being experience as unique as you are. 

Changing lives for good sounds great on paper, but only if your partner is more than just talk. Limeade values transparency, honesty and customer satisfaction — three pillars built on our foundation of care.

Meet employees where they are with well-being at work

Targeted and personalized communications all in one place

Communication is the core of an effective well-being experience. Platform features like self-service communications, resources, and notifications targeted to specific employee groups deliver a relevant and personalized experience to each employee. Consolidate benefits, resources and initiatives into one location to amplify care and increase utilization across your entire organization. 

Custom pulse surveys to quickly understand employee sentiment and needs

A well-being program as unique as you are

Consumer-grade experience that grows and adapts with your company and your people. Limeade partners with customers to create an immersive well-being experience that amplifies your company’s culture.  

Think global, act local to drive a seamless, streamlined experience that meets employees where they are

A familiar, modern experience delivered on any device to reach all your employees across the globe, no matter where their “office” is.  

Employee wellbeing program insights and reporting

Not a one-size-fits-all approach to data

Real-time employee engagement data, benefits utilization, survey results and more 24/7/365. Limeade intuitive dashboards provide the leading metrics that enable customers to answer key questions when proving ROI and value.  

Integrate with HR services and systems to drive increased employee awareness, participation and utilization of benefits

Trusted partner integration support 

Our dedicated team supports all integration points for maximum flexibility, even if you bring in your own vendor. Seamlessly integrate with your own preferred content, benefits and partners to deliver a tailored program that meets your unique needs. 


Simple, effective and built for your people

Our purpose is to infuse well-being into work — that includes simplifying access to the information and content you need. Integrate existing well-being workflows, add from the Limeade library and create custom, personalized benefits messaging with ease. 


employees collaborating around a computer at work

“We selected Limeade because they were different. They wanted to understand our business and our challenges and make it our program — not an off-the-shelf program.”

Andrea Romisher, SVP of HR, Kindred Healthcare

employee viewing their employee experience app on their mobile device

“We selected Limeade as a partner because they were at the forefront of communications in their sphere. They were really thinking ahead of the communication space and understanding that mobile was really the future of how to reach employees effectively.”

Erin Libardoni, Communications and Community Relations Manager, Fortune Brands 

“We use the Limeade One app to reach our deskless workers because they aren’t in front of computers all day. Limeade was the best option for us because it offered so many ways to customize that employee experience in the mobile space.”

Alyssa Hagan, Associate Director of Internal Communication & Engagement, Encompass Health

We support you, so you can care for your employees

Creating a culture that cares for people is also good for business. We work with some of the biggest and best companies worldwide to deliver better people results. 

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