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Care for the people who power your business

The only comprehensive well-being solution built around people

Customer Testimonials for Limeade Well-being programs

The well-being of your company depends on the well-being of your employees

Organizations that use Limeade found more engaged employees are also healthier and happier and wanted to stay with their employer longer, delivering stronger business outcomes. * 

*The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Of Limeade, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Limeade, 2022 

Partner with Limeade to

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Accelerate success

Less than 6 months to see a return on your investment

*The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Of Limeade, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Limeade, 2022 


“Another big thing for us is making connections with all the other benefits that are available. For instance, when we first started offering different webinars, we would get 50 to 75 people participating. I would say on average now, we’re at kind of a minimum of about 200.”

Manager of wellness, professional services

“There are employee efficiencies in program administration for both benefits administrators as well as the wellness champions spread throughout the organization. We have been able to reduce time spent but increase effectiveness. The result is that we avoid hiring to support our total volume of employees.”

Senior benefits analyst, conglomerate

“The number one thing that we hear is when the benefits offerings are good, employees feel secure and cared for and are more likely to stay than they are to leave. [A third-party consulting firm we engaged] found that our employees feel that we are doing well in the well-being arena, and that is a reason to stay. It makes a big difference.” 

Increased employee satisfaction with Limeade Well-being program

“Our satisfaction rating with our previous vendor, I don’t know if we ever got above a 3.7 out of 5. And with Limeade, now at the end of our third year, we are at a rating of 4.5 out of 5.”

Manager of wellness, professional services organization
Improved customer experiences | Limeade

“[With Limeade], our employees better understand the brand and the messaging and therefore deliver more consistent experiences to patients, which is the best form of marketing and can lead to more patient admissions.”

Director of communications and content, healthcare

Cultivate care

In the era of quiet quitting, how do you show your employees you care?

Limeade puts you, your people and your goals at the forefront of everything we do — ensuring it’s an experience that brings your culture to life and one employees want to use.

We are a refreshing way to infuse well-being into work. 

stressed employee, quiet quitting, burned out | Limeade

“We’re trying to create a culture within Bosch that helps our associates be themselves. Be able to bring their best self to work. Some people need help, and we provide that through our well-being program. Whether it’s physical, financial, emotional or social support.”

David Kaprielian, Director of Benefit Programs, Bosch

Infuse well-being

Your goals are our goals

The only way to ensure your employees never have to choose between their job and their well-being is by partnering with the best in the industry – from strategy to execution, Limeade is with you. 

Well-being program admin trying to make sense of program data | Limeade

Deep-dive into what matters most with the best solution and brains in the business

You’ll work alongside a dedicated team of industry-leading and well-being obsessed experts to unlock critical insights from real-time data and craft a customized strategy and action plan proven to increase participation and improve benefit utilization. 

Engage your people on their terms with an experience they want to use

You’ll be able to deliver a highly personalized well-being experience including targeted communications and nudges, curated content and easily accessible resources that demonstrate to each employee you care.

Program admin wanting more than a one-size-fits-all well-being program | Limeade
Getting away from well-being programs that rely on incentives | Limeade

Transform well-being participation from one-and-done to an essential part of every day

You’ll have a program built on the latest science and industry best practices to increase participation and engagement which cultivates new healthy habits for each employee — and helps you achieve your program goals.