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Unlock Your Inner Changemaker

You’re not only an HR practitioner. You’re a changemaker. Bold. Brave. Relentlessly positive. Change management is hard, but you have the power to reinvent culture. We want to improve well-being in the world — and we can’t do that without you.

You see the world not as it is — but as it should be. Help lead change in your organization with Limeade, corporate well-being technology that drives real employee engagement. With Limeade, it’s totally possible.

The facts are on your side

With organizational support, you have the power to unlock your inner changemaker and transform your company and your people forever.


of employees with high well-being and organizational support say their company is a great place to work


Employees are 38 percent more engaged when they feel their employer cares about their well-being


of employees with high well-being say they also have high organizational support

Changemaking in action

Neal has become a well-being celebrity and helps foster a culture of well-being improvement at Montana University System. See how his crazy idea of biking to every MUS location came to life in this changemaker profile. 

Inspire real, tangible change with these resources


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Changemaker spotlight: Dr. Wald at USAA knows well-being can drive business results

Dr. Wald from USAA is a Limeade Changemaker. He sees the link between well-being and engagement — and is building the business case to support it.


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Changemaker Spotlight: Kerstin Aiello at Synopsys and the power of small wins

Kerstin Aiello is a Limeade Changemaker — since she launched with Limeade, her employees improved in every biometric category, and they love their company.



How to be a culture architect

Understand the ROI of a performance-enhancing culture plus get 10 tips for how to be a culture architect.

Well-being champions at work

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Why changemakers need champions to embrace workplace culture

Changemakers need a network of champions to help inspire commitment from employees. Here are three ways to recruit champions.


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6 TED talks to unleash your inner changemaker

Changemakers believe anything is possible. Listen to the following motivational TED talks and get inspired to unleash your inner changemaker.