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An employee well-being platform that fits work and life

Our employee well-being solution supports the whole employee, addressing mental health, burnout and turnover in a single platform. Flexible technology designed with employee habits in mind increases participation and employee benefits utilization while giving managers the actionable tools and insights to make company support for well-being real.

Limeade Employee Well-Being platform. Mobile screenshot with well-being activities and company updates. Includes an insights dashboard with a summary of participant data from the the well-being assessment. Finally, a view of suggested activities in the Discover tab of the Well-Being solution page on desktop.

A science-based approach to workplace well-being

Our integrated approach to well-being covers all the advantages and challenges of the modern workforce — like inclusion, burnout, turnover and mental and financial health.

Science shows that real employee well-being results happen when peers, managers and leaders show up for each other in meaningful ways. So our employee well-being platform gives every employee the opportunity to offer — and find — inspiration and accountability, while giving managers and leaders the actionable tools to make company support real.


of employees with high well-being say they also have high organizational support


lower turnover for employees who participate in the Limeade program

Mobile screenshot of employee well-being platform with well-being activities and a Mental Health Awareness post in My Updates. Employees are encouraged to take action by reducing stress.

Inspire benefit utilization with actionable communication

Limeade gives you one solution to collect and share all your benefits and initiatives supporting employee well-being. The powerful, built-in communications functionality is designed to increase awareness and utilization by giving you the power to quickly target employee groups with self-service communications and notifications.

Mobile screenshots of the employee well-being platform Discover Tab in both English and Spanish.

Connect everyone with a truly global well-being program

Our employee well-being platform delivers a modern experience that flows across devices and languages, with professionally translated and localized activities and updates so everyone can get involved.

Details from the employee well-being platform's dashboard with insights for employee stress and risk for burnout.

Drive ROI with actionable employee well-being insights

Our dashboards show data that helps care for your people — like calculating the risk for turnover and burnout. Along with expert guidance from your customer success team, we’ll help you reach your goals.

Improve employee health and well-being by amplifying care every day

Give peers, managers and leaders the tools to show up for themselves and each other in meaningful ways
Customize your employee well-being platform to meet the unique challenges of your organization with expert guidance from our purpose-driven people
Create connections between employees to build community and strengthen company culture
Drive utilization of all your well-being, benefits and culture-building initiatives with one flexible and accessible solution

See how well-being can transform your workplace

Workplace well-Being in action

“We chose Limeade because engagement is their specialty. Today, that has proven to be true.”

Bill Medina, Director of Payroll, Benefits & Cash Control
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“If you’re not investing in your employees, there’s really not much more to invest in. People are first and foremost at PSE and we decided we needed to provide the tools and resources to make sure their well-being is taken care of.”

Kimberly Harris, Puget Sound Energy CEO

“We know that people are going through stress, anxiety and more. Having a central point that we can say ‘here is help’ — our speed to care has been there from day one.”

Tony Bridwell, Ryan LLC, Chief People Officer
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Applying the science of well-being

We founded the Limeade Institute to deliver insights and recommendations grounded in research and science. Its researchers and advisors use disciplines like organizational psychology and data science to develop a deeper understanding of whole person employee well-being, and pioneer the tools needed to improve it. Then our customer success team shows you how to make it meaningful in your organization.

  • Checkmark4x less likely to suffer from stress and burnout when you feel your company cares for you
  • Checkmark56% of employees with unmanageable stress lowered their levels with Limeade

Employee well-being FAQs

Well-being resources

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Scalable employee well-being solutions with built-in communications to improve the holistic employee experience

Large blue gradient circle with two smaller blue circlesLimeade platform screenshots

Are you ready to make well-being part of your workday?