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Enterprise-ready HR software to care for employees

Limeade delivers modern technology and expert guidance to help you improve what it feels like to work at your organization and deliver better people results.

Engineer guiding her employees on the factory floor.

Meet the moment with our enterprise HR software

The Limeade approach is grounded in years of research. Our Customer Success team will work with you to tap into these insights and tailor them to your unique employee and company needs — helping you transform work into a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose.

We deliver proven results no matter where in the world your employees are. Our data-driven, customized recommendations help you make the most of our well-being, engagement, inclusion and EX solutions.

Limeade offers proven employee experience technology


of employees with unmanageable stress lowered their levels year-over-year with Limeade1


of Limeade users moved their well-being category up from neutral/suffering to thriving1


of Limeade users report being engaged or highly engaged employees1


lower turnover for employees who participate in the Limeade program2

Measure what matters

Self-service dashboards and predictive metrics like turnover risk and burnout give you the real-time insights into the health of your organization, and the reporting to prove it in the boardroom. 

Limeade Employee Engagement Dashboard screenshot overlaid on a green circle. The Engagement dashboard is highlighting that 27.3% of a company's employees are at risk for burnout, along with a 78% employee engagement survey completion and other engagement metrics.

Flexible technology to streamline initiatives

Consolidate benefits, resources and initiatives into one location that amplifies care and increases utilization across your entire organization.

Kindred saw a 400% increase in telemedicine registration after using the Limeade program for promotion.

  • Checkmark100+ countries, 14 languages, 2M+ users
Limeade My Services Benefits Wallet mobile screenshot highlighting benefits available to an employee like a link to their health plan information, the ability to schedule a virtual visit, request time off, retirement plan information and a link to the employee stock program.

Consumer-grade experiences

Limeade gives employees solutions they want to use — delivering the mobile, social interactions they expect.

  • CheckmarkMaximize and increase usage of existing resources with integrations
  • CheckmarkIntegrated communications capabilities increase awareness of company news, initiatives and resources and inspire action and growth
Man in office smiling and working on tablet
A woman in a sunny office, enjoying a moment on her mobile phone.A woman in a sunny office, enjoying a moment on her mobile phone.

Technology employees want to experience

Social capabilities and an engaging design earn employee participation, while enterprise-level security and GDPR and SOC 2-compliance keep data safe. Coupled with the extensive Limeade library of partnerships and integrations, employees get one destination for everything they need.

Ryan LLC increased monthly average usage (MAU) nearly 2x after launching full suite of company updates and social support with their well-being program.

Care for your most valuable resource — your employees

Creating a culture that cares for people is also good for business. Limeade works with some of the biggest and best companies worldwide to deliver better people results.

Large blue gradient circle with two smaller blue circlesLimeade platform screenshots

Let us help amplify care for your employees today

1Based on Limeade user data from 2019-2020
2Limeade user data from 2019-2020. Based on registered users who had not participated in any activities compared to registered users who participated in one or more activities.