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Corporate well-being and engagement programs rooted in care

Amplify care with corporate well-being and engagement programs that infuse well-being into work and create healthy employee experiences.  

We put well-being at the heart of the employee experience. Our solutions help you reduce employee burnout and turnover, while increasing well-being and engagement — ultimately elevating business performance. 

When an employee feels their company cares they are:


more likely to be engaged at work


less likely to suffer from stress and burnout


more likely to feel included at work


more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work

Infuse well-being into work

Proudly serving the world’s biggest and best companies

With Limeade, you can reach your people anywhere, in multiple languages and with powerful solutions designed to match the consumer-grade experiences employees expect.

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Real experts. Real science. Real results.

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Learn how Limeade can help you amplify care every day