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Partner with Limeade to deliver results

Limeade can support you to deliver science-based approaches to your customers, improving well-being and engagement to transform the employee experience.  

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Measure what matters — and meaningfully change employee outcomes

We partner with service providers across all verticals and geographies to extend modern, science-backed well-being and engagement programs to your customers.

As one of our reseller partners, you’ll be able to position and bring the Limeade solutions to your customers in a single branded experience designed for them. 

We help partners meet the moment

A platform for global partners

Limeade gives your customers powerful capabilities to reach employees where they are with a modern experience. Important communications are heard, regardless of the device or language, and professionally translated and localized activities get everyone inspired and involved.

  • Checkmark19 languages
  • Checkmark100+ countries
  • CheckmarkMillions of users world-wide
A woman in a sunny office, enjoying a moment on her mobile phone.A woman in a sunny office, enjoying a moment on her mobile phone.

Technology employees want to experience

Social capabilities and an engaging design earn employee participation, while enterprise-level security and GDPR and SOC 2-compliance keep data safe. Coupled with the extensive Limeade library of partnerships and integrations, employees get one destination for everything they need.

Transform the employee experience for employees and employers

Limeade provides solutions based on research, capable of improving the employee outcomes your customers need to see.

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See how we help service providers and resellers deliver results