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We’re committed to infusing care into our inclusive, employee-first culture

A manager and two employees taking a coffee break to have conversation.A manager and two employees taking a coffee break to have conversation.

We empower employees to live their best lives

Our innovations in well-being, engagement and inclusion start within Limeade. The Limeade Kaleidoscope Council, for example, keeps us moving toward an organizational culture that’s inclusive and representative of all our employees.

We are independent leaders with a collective desire to ensure every employee knows their company cares. Building a better employee experience from the inside out begins with us — and we pride ourselves on seeking to inspire positivity, energy, humanity and purpose.

Our purpose and values

Why we exist

Our purpose is to transform work into a source of positivity, energy, humanity and purpose. Our values boldly declare how we promise to behave.

Listen well, speak plainly

Communicate with clarity and kindness; lead with data.

We’re a team

Be part of something bigger, better, more diverse and powerful than yourself.

Own it

Do things the right and repeatable way.

Anything is possible

Innovate and believe. Be positive and resilient.

Be the change

A positive, energizing, human and purposeful employee experience starts with you.

Working Parents and Caregivers

Parenting or caregiving can be a full-time job. This ERG brings care to those of us taking it on. It’s a space to share with colleagues — and discover how Limeade supports its parents and caregivers.

Black Limeade Kings and Queens (BLKQ)

BLKQ is a celebration of respect, resiliency, strength and support within the Black Limeade community. Our BLKQ members inspire each other personally and professionally — and raise awareness of Black excellence at Limeade.

Limeade Womxn

Equity and equality is everyone’s business. Limeade Womxn advocates for empowering employees in work and life — regardless of gender identity — and actively engaging women in our company’s present and future.

Developing Professionals

We believe that empowering our employees to elevate their careers can lead to a more rewarding employee experience. The Developing Professionals ERG connects our employees to an internal network that offers professional development, mentorship, support, guidance and leadership.

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