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Employee engagement participation toolkit 

Learn what it takes to get the best participation numbers and therefore the best engagement data out of your employee engagement programs.

engaged employees in illustrated format

Download the toolkit

You’ll have access to three exclusive resources, including:

  • 5 ways to boost your engagement survey rate
  • How to encourage engagement and adoption from day one
  • How to increase survey participation and get truthful, honest employee feedback

Your surveys are no good if your employees aren’t answering them 

Your employees have this great engagement tool, now how do you get them to participate so that you have the best data to work from? Discover five ways to boost your survey response rates.

Get employees to participate from day one with integrations 

If you have the tools but your employees are slow to get on board with using them, check out this handy guide on platform integrations and how they encourage better participation from day one.

Increase survey participation and get truthful, honest employee feedback 

After implementing Limeade Listening, Galloway & Co. was able to collect employee insight and access in-depth reporting. This helped to determine the key areas of focus that would have the greatest impact on its employees and business. Learn more in this Limeade Listening case study.