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This Week in Work: How Diversity Efforts Are Failing Black Employees, The Balancing Act and Anti-Racist Book Recommendations

Welcome to our weekly roundup of important workplace news, top media trends, current events and the latest from Limeade. At Limeade, we’re busy staying up to date with current events that impact employees and the workplace. This Week in Work highlights the latest industry news so you can be in the know, while at work.

This Week in Work:

1. Showing Support

Here are nine things you can do for the George Floyd protesters right now.

2. Moving Toward a Racially Just Workplace

An editorial in Harvard Business Review details how diversity efforts are failing black employees and offers a better approach — sharing that if leaders want to walk their talk, they must spearhead much more meaningful change.

3. Balancing Act at Work

An article in the Wall Street Journal describes the balancing act black professionals are managing. 

4. Book Sales Are Up

Books about racial discrimination become best-sellers as U.S. protests grow.

5. Call to U.S. Businesses

An article in Harvard Business Review shares how U.S. businesses must take meaningful action against racism.

6. Children’s Books

Here are five books to read to your children that celebrate diversity.

7. Book Recommendations

Here are 12 anti-racist books recommended by educators and activists.

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