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This Week in Work: Historic Ruling for LGBTQ+ Workers, Allyship & Juneteenth, Diversity Goals and What it Means to be an Anti-Racist Company

Welcome to our weekly roundup of important workplace news, top media trends, current events and the latest from Limeade. At Limeade, we’re busy staying up to date with current events that impact employees and the workplace. This Week in Work highlights the latest industry news so you can be in the know, while at work.

This Week in Work:

1. Supreme Court bans LGBT employment discrimination

This week kicked off with a historic Supreme Court ruling that employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is prohibited under federal civil right law. 

2. There are still gaps

 An article in NBC News breaks down some specific areas where employers still have work to do to bridge the gap.

3. Allyship for Juneteenth

An op-ed in Fast Company shares how companies and individuals can use Juneteenth to practice active allyship.

4. Returning to the office

Henry Albrecht, CEO at Limeade, shares his thoughts on how to pull off the balancing act that is combining the physical and virtual workplaces.

5. What it means to be an anti-racist company

Jennifer Liu at CNBC shares what it really looks like to lead an anti-racist organization.

6. Google diversity goals

Google announced a new hiring goal to advance Black executives.

7. Work still to be done

Dr. Laura Hamill, Limeade Chief People Officer and Chief Science Officer shares her advice on how companies should focus internally and care for employees first on racial injustice. 

8. Adidas CHRO under fire

A group of 83 employees at Adidas have asked the board to investigate the company’s global head of human resources and her handling of racial issues in the workplace.

9. EX in crisis

A deeper look into how employees will come through these challenging times with new understandings about how to work more effectively.

10. How allyship drives workplace inclusion

It’s “especially important for leaders to actively support people of color to set company-wide norms,” Limeade Chief Science Officer and Chief People Officer Laura Hamill said.

11. Quarantine has brought families closer together

A new survey from Life360 revealed respondents haven’t found the coziness of shelter-in-place at home a huge inconvenience.

12. CSR to CSJ

An article in HBR shares a shift from corporate social responsibility to corporate social justice.

13. Adapting your company culture

Henry Albrecht, CEO at Limeade addresses how to adapt your company for the remote workforce in Benefits Pro.

14. Confronting corporate racism

Here’s a roundup of recommended HBR articles on confronting racism in the workplace.

15. $30M gender equality initiative

Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Bezos have teamed up on a $30 million gender equality initiative.

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