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Watch Webinar On Demand: Four Ways Well-Being Drives Employee Performance: Part 1 – Feeling Safe 

Over the past few months, the vital role of safety to our sense of well-being has been amplified. When we feel unsafe or lack the security we crave, we simply can’t focus and apply ourselves fully. This has raised some big questions that require answers. What does it take to feel safe? And how can we create a truly safe work experience for employees?  

“Well-being is critically important to engagement and performance.  Without it, your employees simply cannot give their best.”  

  – Jason Lauritsen

One thing is for sure, it has everything to do with trust. In the first of the four-part series titled Four Ways Well-Being Drives Employee Performance, Jason Lauritsen covers this critical topic of safety and week after week will weave our upcoming topics into this critical conversation about employee performance.  

Part 1 of this webinar series covers: 

  • The role of safety in well-being and performance 
  • Why safety can’t exist without trust 
  • Steps you can take to build and restore a sense of safety for employees 


  • Safety can’t exist without trust and well-being 
  • Employees tend to trust their employers more than the media 
  • Communication is the best way to begin building trust among your team 


View the presentation deck, here.