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Free Inclusion Training: 30 Minutes to a More Inclusive Workplace

Inclusion is a sense of belonging, connection and community at workInclusive organizations help people feel welcomed, known, valued — and encouraged to bring their whole, unique selves to work.

Too often diversity and inclusion efforts focus on specific programs or initiatives instead of the day-to-day employee experience. In order to dig deep into the “I” of D&I, organizations need to focus on the thousand little moments each employee experiences that ultimately define your culture.

In this 30-minute HR training, you’ll learn both the science and habits behind inclusion. And you’ll walk away from the inclusion training with valuable tools you can use to inspire and promote inclusive behaviors at your organization. Limeade Chief Science Officer and Chief People Officer Laura Hamill and Manager of the Limeade Institute, Lauren Ferguson, will share the research from the Limeade Institute on inclusion and then discuss three scenarios that show how to bring this to life in your organization.


  • What’s inclusion?
  • Why does it matter at work?
  • How to empower employees to be more inclusive


  • Individuals need to be recognized for their uniqueness but also feel connected to something bigger
  • Inclusive workplaces are 6x more likely to be innovative
  • People who report higher levels of inclusion are 97% more likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work



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Ready to measure your inclusion efforts? Learn how the Limeade Inclusion platform can help you meet your people and business goals.