With Limeade, Every employee knows
their company cares

The Limeade ONE platform elevates the employee experience.

What is employee experience?

Employee experience is all about how it feels to work somewhere: interactions with coworkers, opportunities to grow and more. Company care makes those moments real. But showing that a company cares takes more than words. It takes action.

Limeade helps companies act to improve the employee experience.

Creating a culture that's good for people is also good for business

Limeade is a software company that elevates the employee experience and helps build great places to work. That's why we focus on the whole person and the whole company, with tools and programs to support both.


Limeade ONE brings together employee well-being, engagement and inclusion solutions in a mobile-first experience. Available as an integrated platform or individual solutions, with Limeade ONE every employee knows their company cares.

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