Our People

We’re a team of hikers, book clubbers, musicians, woodworkers and gardeners.
In celebrating the diverse experiences, interests and perspectives that make Limeade awesome, here’s what we’ve found: inclusion strengthens our connection to each other and to Limeade. We seek to create an environment where our employees feel like they belong with a deep connection and sense of purpose from their work.

And it’s all in pursuit of measurably improving well-being in the world.



I love coming to work!
I have managers who care about me, friends to talk to about work and home. The atmosphere is fun and collaborative.

Changed my life for the better.
I’ve not only learned about the benefits of focusing on my own well-being, but I’m continuously delighted by how the culture actually supports it.

A workplace that values work-life balance.
It's full of smart and talented people that challenge me to learn and grow.

The work is hard but fun.
I work with super talented and amazing people both in leadership positions and on the frontlines.
There’s no weak link.

Executive Team

Henry Albrecht

CEO & Board Director

Working on...Innovation at scale and rec league hoops.

larry colagiovanni

Chief Technology Officer

Working on...Driving product and tech innovation and getting outdoors with my family.

Laura Hamill, Ph.D.

Chief People Officer & Chief Science Officer of the Limeade Institute

Working on...Reinforcing the Limeade culture of improvement.

Mitch Risner

Chief Growth Officer

Working on...Growing our Limeade family and spending a day in the dirt.

Lauren Chucko

VP Customer Success

Working on...Listening, learning and empowering others.

Kate Farley

VP Customer Operations

Working on...Listening, learning and simplifying.

Scott Fletcher

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Working on...Streamlining processes to enable growth and staying on my mountain bike.

Padmashree Koneti

VP Product

Working on...Being effective and delivering value as a board member at a local nonprofit.

Lee Rossini

VP Marketing

Working on...Helping companies develop amazing cultures for their employees.

Sam Testa

VP North American Sales

Working on...Growing a team of industry leaders and being more present with my family.

Markus Von Aschoff

Senior Director, Europe

Working on...Turning ideas into action, learning by doing and getting a little better every day.

Martin zelger

VP International Sales

Working on...Expanding the footprint of our Well-Being and Engagement solutions on a global level.

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Bastoni photo 002 crop square - Our People

Elizabeth Bastoni

Chair, Non-Executive Director
Henry 400x400 1 square - Our People

Henry Albrecht

CEO, Executive Director
Chris Ackerley headshot 12 2019 color crop square - Our People

Chris Ackerley

Non-Executive Director
Steve Hamerslag headshot 12 2019 crop square - Our People

Steve Hamerslag

Non-Executive Director
Cameron Judson Picture 3 crop square - Our People

Cameron Judson

Non-Executive Director
ENI0402 Lisa MacCallum 146 crop 1 square - Our People

Lisa Maccallum

Non-Executive Director
Mia Mends headshot 12 2019 crop square - Our People

Mia Mends

Non-Executive Director


United States

Bellevue, WA
10885 NE 4th ST #400
Bellevue, WA 98004

Global Headquarters


Ottawa, Ontario, CA
72 Rue Laval #230
Gatineau, Quebec
J8X 3H3, Canada


Oldenburg, Germany
Poststraße 1
26122 Oldenburg