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Limeade and Optisom Partner to Help Exhausted Employees Improve Sleep Habits

Optisom joins the Limeade Partner Network to bring a digital sleep solution to the Limeade platform

Bellevue, Wash., May 14, 2018 — Today employee engagement company Limeade and sleep health leader Optisom announced a partnership to bring Optisom’s ProjectZ platform to millions of Limeade employees and their spouses worldwide. Optisom’s comprehensive digital sleep solution will help users fight sleep deprivation and develop positive sleep habits for improved health, safety and productivity at work and in life.

An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans are affected by chronic sleep loss and sleep disorders. Insufficient sleep is associated with chronic diseases, mental disorders, injury, an increase in errors at the workplace and even decreased productivity.

“We know healthy sleep habits play a critical role in employee’s well-being and we believe that without restorative sleep, employees can’t be truly engaged at work,” said Eric Ranta, vice president of partnerships at Limeade. “By offering research-driven sleep tips, strategies and programs from Optisom, we’re confident that together we’ll drive lasting change for Limeade users.”

Optisom’s ProjectZ platform fights sleep deprivation by helping employees become well rested, healthier, happier, safer and more productive. The digital sleep solution delivers cognitive behavioral therapy techniques developed by Optisom’s clinical team directly to employees. Employees can discover the root causes of their sleep health problems and access personalized resources, challenges and techniques to improve their sleep.

“We are excited to be partnering with Limeade, an industry leader in employee well-being and engagement,” says board certified sleep physician and Optisom Chief Medical Officer Dominic Munafo, M.D., FABSM. “Sleep is a foundational aspect for health and well-being supporting employers engagement goals.  Clinically, adequate sleep is necessary to maintain and regulate our bodies’ vital systems. When the body doesn’t get the rest it needs, it becomes vulnerable to disease, injury, and cognitive impairment. Research links sleep deprivation with higher risk for obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, workplace accidents, and many other health problems.”

Optisom will utilize the Limeade API to provide a seamless technology integration that offers employees a secure single sign-on (SSO) experience. This makes it easy for employees to access Optisom’s comprehensive online assessment, personalized programs and simple techniques for better sleep and track progress. As employees complete Optisom’s sleep activities, they’ll automatically earn points in their Limeade program.

For more information about this partnership or the Limeade Partner Network, please email [email protected]

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