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Limeade Expands Global Well-Being Activity Library, Bringing Cultural Relevance to the Employee Experience

More than 125 science-backed activities deliver more accessible, relevant actions to spark whole-person well-being for employees around the world

Bellevue, Wash, August 19, 2019 – Today employee experience software company Limeade launched the new expanded Global Well-Being Activity Library, a collection of more than 125 science-backed activities designed to improve employee well-being in the workplace. With Limeade companies can deliver pre-created activities to employees around the world tailored to their language, organizational culture and ability level. This content goes beyond traditional well-being offerings to address the complex and countless factors that enable employees to thrive.

“While we all enjoy the thrill of step challenges, the real impact of well-being programs comes when we expand beyond them. Limeade is rooted in science, with the understanding that whole-person well-being requires a balance of physical, emotional, financial and work, as well as the acknowledgement of cultural nuances and norms.” said Daniel Kraft, Limeade VP of Product. “This provides our customers the ability to care for their employees around the world with activities that are meaningful to them. The Limeade ONE employee experience platform goes even further, allowing companies to drive action through integrated engagement, inclusion or communications solutions.”

The Global Well-Being Activity Library is available to new and existing Limeade customers. Content is:

  • Whole-person: Activities address physical, emotional, financial and work well-being. Many activities combine multiple areas in a single action, reflecting the interconnected science of whole-person well-being.
  • Locally translated: Limeade content is professionally translated and proofread by human translators in 13 languages.
  • Culturally relevant: Limeade goes beyond language translation to ensure activities and topics are customized to a person’s organizational culture, and globally relevant, incorporating recent evidence of universal concepts of well-being.
  • Science-backed: All activities are rooted in research, using Limeade Institute definitions of improvement and evidence-based resources to support employees in their well-being journey.

L GLOBAL LIBRARY VISUAL 1024x661 - Limeade Expands Global Well-Being Activity Library, Bringing Cultural Relevance to the Employee Experience

“At Limeade we are careful to deliver content that reflects the universal elements of well-being that transcend cultures and can be used by organizations to unite employees from different backgrounds,” said Laura Hamill, Chief Science Officer of the Limeade Institute. “At the same time, we want to support individual and cultural evaluations of what well-being means. For example, our research shows that Eastern and Western cultures differ in their approach to self-improvement, happiness vs. purpose, contentment vs. satisfaction, and valuing vs. avoiding suffering. Well-being programs need to convey an understanding of these differences, or they risk isolating employees of certain backgrounds.”

Limeade Well-Being is part of the Limeade ONE platform, — the first and only platform to deliver well-being, engagement, inclusion and communications solutions in one seamless user experience. With Limeade ONE, companies can authentically show even the hardest-to-reach employees that they care.

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