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Limeade launches video and quiz add-on to improve employee well-being

Limeade Interactive engages employees in wellness programs

Bellevue, Wash. June 1, 2016 – Limeade, a corporate wellness technology company, today launched Limeade Interactive™, a mobile video and quiz product that makes it easy for employees to improve their well-being. Limeade customers can boost their wellness programs with short videos on physical, emotional, financial and work well-being topics and quick quizzes to help employees retain knowledge.

“People like watching videos,” said Justin Jed, vice president of product management. “And their well-being program needs to offer more than text-based novels about the benefits of walking and eating healthy. With Limeade Interactive, we’ve extended our social and game mechanics to continually meet people where they are and encourage program participation.”

Limeade Interactive transforms bite-sized videos and presentations into targeted well-being challenges that educate and inspire employees. Research shows that retention for visual information can be 65 percent compared to just 10 percent for text-based information.

“We’re excited to bring our own content to life in our Thrive wellness program with this new interactive capability,” said Karyln Byham, Benefits Administrator at Bloodworks Northwest. “We’ll be able to take our current challenges to a whole new level with quick short videos to help improve our employee’s well-being. Plus, we can use the quizzes to really understand how people are retaining the information.”

Customers can bundle multimedia challenges with quizzes and surveys to assess comprehension. Quizzing helps people retain almost twice as much information compared to repeated exposure to content, according to the American Academy of Neurology.

The quiz capability also gives employees a quick way to provide important feedback to their organization – and to earn points along the way. Real-time reporting lets employers track completion, comprehension and improvements to program participation.

“We designed Limeade Interactive to support whole-person well-being with a great relevant experience that fits how people work today,” Jed said. “In fact, we’ve used it with our own Limeade employees, to enhance their knowledge about our culture.”

How it works                                                                      

Limeade Interactive reinforces well-being by ensuring users do more than just click buttons to earn points. Employers provide their own corporate materials, and Limeade Interactive does the rest. Employers could use Limeade Interactive capabilities to:

  • Enhance employee knowledge with simple healthy eating demonstrations, easy-to-do desk stretches or on-demand meditation sessions
  • Demonstrate organizational support for well-being with executive-sponsored video challenges
  • Share stories that highlight remarkable well-being successes
  • Give new employees a more unified, flexible onboarding experience with a company values overview, a benefits information summary or details on how to manage a 401(k)

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