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Limeade Announces Microsoft Integration to Help Employees Find Time to Improve Well-Being

Limeade helps employees prioritize well-being activities in Microsoft Office 365 applications using Microsoft Graph APIs

Bellevue, Wash., May 10, 2018 — Limeade, an employee engagement company, announced a collaboration with Microsoft at the Microsoft Build 2018 Developer Conference in Seattle, WA. To help drive future initiatives to improve employee well-being and engagement, Limeade leverages Microsoft Graph to integrate data insights from Microsoft Office 365, and connects to applications like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams to support the employee experience.

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According to Gallup, 53 percent of employees say a role that provides greater work-life balance and better personal well-being is “very important” to them. However, employees find it difficult to prioritize their well-being at work with activities like taking a mental break, connecting with teammates, learning new skills or scheduling important 1:1 time with a direct report.

“Today we’re facing a real epidemic in the workplace with increasing numbers of stressed out and burned out employees. We’re teaming up with Microsoft to make it easy for people to find time and make their well-being a priority,” said Lee Rossini, VP of Product at Limeade. “Limeade enables employees to improve their well-being, feel more engaged and more connected to their work — which is good for people and for business.”

Leveraging Microsoft Graph APIs, the Limeade platform will understand the schedule, habits and analytics of an employee’s daily work. Complemented by data from the employer well-being program, Limeade will recommend relevant well-being activities, find and schedule time in an employee’s Outlook calendar to complete them.

Each week, the Limeade Smart Activity Scheduler will automatically analyze an employee’s calendar with Microsoft Graph to provide a notification with a set of open time slots. Employees can select a time to complete the relevant well-being activity — like hosting a walking meeting, taking five minutes to meditation, completing an online training or recognizing a team member. Limeade will automatically reserve the time on their calendar, while providing details and deep links to the activity directly in the calendar invite.

“Microsoft’s integration with Limeade is a great example of how technology leverages data for good,” said Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Office Ecosystem Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Limeade is building on our ecosystem to improve employee well-being and engagement in the world — an initiative that will increase productivity, help employees thrive, create great companies and empower them to achieve more.”

This powerful Microsoft Graph integration helps employees streamline decision making and complete tasks directly within the applications they frequently use. The power of automatically scheduling time to prioritize well-being will help the employee feel supported by their managers and their organization, which is a key driver in improving employee well-being and engagement.

The Smart Activity Scheduler will be available to Limeade customers in the coming months. To learn more about Limeade, please reach out to [email protected]

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