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New Limeade Institute will share research to improve well-being in the world

Limeade tracks and releases evidence-based reports on workplace well-being and engagement trends

BELLEVUE, WA (Sept 15, 2016) – Today, Limeade, a corporate wellness technology company, officially established the Limeade Institute.

Led by managing director Laura Hamill, Ph.D., the Limeade Institute conducts research, establishes market point of views, dives into the science of well-being, and keeps a pulse on the latest employee well-being research and trends. Limeade has conducted first-party research on this topic for more than 10 years, leading to pioneering innovations like the first-ever Limeade Well-Being Assessment.

“We’ve always been grounded in evidence-based research that helps illuminate how employers can create a better employee experience,” said Hamill, who also serves as the chief people officer of Limeade. “We want to strengthen our own platform and share knowledge broadly so all organizations can support employee well-being improvement.”

The Limeade Institute will continue its own research and will partner with others to develop a comprehensive understanding of the connection between well-being and employee engagement — and the business results they drive.

For example, Limeade partnered with Quantum Workplace in 2015 for the Workplace Well-Being Report. The Limeade Institute will release findings of the joint 2016 Workplace Well-Being & Engagement Report later this month.

“We’ve been tracking and studying how to improve well-being since 2006,” said Limeade CEO and founder Henry Albrecht. “We have a powerhouse team working with a decade’s worth of rich health, well-being and performance data. Sharing game-changing insights into how employers can really improve employee well-being — and what that means to employers — helps us fulfill our mission.”

The Limeade Institute team consists of Ph.D. organizational psychologists, neurobiologists, psychometricians, business insights experts and data scientists. Medical advisers from a variety of fields including cognitive behavioral therapy, sociology and behavioral economics also collaborate on research efforts.

The Limeade Institute will launch research reports and share findings on To learn more about the Limeade Institute, please visit or contact [email protected].

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