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How Fortune Brands Transformed & Inspired Daily Connections Across A Dispersed Workforce

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The Challenge

Fortune Brands is a leading home products manufacturing company with 25,000 employees, the majority of whom work in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses in the U.S. and around the globe. About 70% of Fortune Brands employees don’t work in front of a computer or have a company-issued email address. In searching for a solution, they wanted to:

  • Find a better way to communicate with every single associate, especially deskless workers
  • Reach employees quickly and easily with timely information; no middle man, just direct communication. This included photos, videos and documents.
  • Have metrics: tracking behind who's engaging with content, when and more.

With limited intranet capabilities and only email as a means to reach a small number of employees, targeting and delivering key company information was an inefficient and ineffective process for the Corporate Communications team. The team also struggled to find a central location to house information, such as benefits guides and company policies, where all employees could easily access them.


Fortune Brands chose to work with Limeade and soon after, the Connect app was born. The new app meant they could phase out their antiquated corporate intranet systems, allowing every employee (hourly associates included) to actively participate in the company's strategies, goals and culture.

For Fortune Brands, the app erased tedious manual processes and, most importantly, allowed them to connect every employee to the information that mattered most. The app began to serve as a vehicle for cross-company visibility, camaraderie and engagement. App writers within each location were empowered to create and post location-specific content.

During Hurricane Florence, a significant amount of Fortune Brand employees lived in North Carolina. Throughout the disaster, the company used the app to not only account for their employees, but to ensure they had the resources to stay safe and secure. The app allowed Fortune Brands to act as a support system in a difficult time and show employees they care. Employees were relieved to have access to information that did not rely on email or phone lines and were able to connect with colleagues enduring the storm. In the months following, associates used the app to raise more than $55,000 for relief and rebuilding efforts.


Today, Fortune Brands sees many people visiting the app several times a week. They’re able to monitor associate engagement with the app and the information they share to better provide what employees find most relevant and interesting. By leaving a cross-company intranet behind and emphasizing Connect, Fortune Brands maximized the reach and impact of their communications.

In the 18 months post-launch: more than 5,000 associates, or a quarter of all targeted associates, have Connect. 70% of users are manufacturing or remote workers.

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"Rarely does a week go by where i don't think, 'How could we have done this without the app?' We couldn't.”

Jen Rataj, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

Jen Rataj - Fortune Brands