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As a world-leader in electronic design automation, Synopsys knows what thriving under pressure looks like. Synopsys employees create the hardware found in most major computers and mobile devices, and they love the complexity of the field. But high-pressure work can take a toll, and HR knew they needed to help employees recharge.


In 2014, Synopsys launched Designed for Wellness to support all aspects of employee well-being. The theme was recharging, and it was highlighted in every possible way, from the calming look and feel to activity and challenge themes. The program encouraged spousal participation as well, with family challenges designed to improve well-being at home.

Synopsys executive leadership was critical to Designed for Wellness success. The co-CEOs took visible advantage of program tools, sharing their personal well-being journeys. Synopsys also used Limeade to promote its corporate value of community service, encouraging participation from giving blood to rebuilding a local school.


Synopsys employees showed up. One out of every 3 registered users participated in a community outreach challenge. And more than 66% of U.S. employees participated in the program, helping energize the company culture and recharge a dedicated workforce.

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"Employee health is important, first just as fellow colleagues. But also, if you want to take care of your customers, you have to take care of yourself first."

Chi-Foon Chan, Co-CEO

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