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Limeade is Now an Employee Engagement Platform

Limeade launches products with Hearts and Minds at Work campaign

Bellevue, Wash. (February 13, 2018) – Today, Limeade, an employee engagement company, launched its Hearts and Mind campaign to announce its market position as an employee engagement platform that builds great places to work by improving well-being and strengthening workplace culture. 

“At Limeade, we believe true engagement comes when people feel good and have a sense of purpose. That’s why we focus on the whole person and the whole company, with tools and programs that support both,” said CEO Henry Albrecht, who started Limeade to improve well-being in the world. “Leaders today realize their employees are at their best when they feel a sense of purpose in their jobs that creates extra energy and commitment. The best companies understand that bringing hearts and minds to work is good for people and for business.” 

Through personalized challenges, social activities and interactive learning, the Limeade Engagement Platform helps people improve their well-being and reconnect to what motivates them in their jobs. This boosts engagement at work and gives companies the business results they want. 

Limeade has been an innovative HR technology player for more than decade, starting with its pioneering Well-Being Assessment. The company is now taking a logical step forward, showcasing the true power of what an integrated employee engagement platform can do for employees and companies alike. 

“Our technology is simple, compelling and backed by science,” said Lee Rossini, vice president of product and marketing at Limeade. “We pull together well-being, engagement, inclusion and social recognition software into one seamless experience — one that brings workplace culture to life and helps employees and companies feel more connected. This is more important than ever as today’s employees are disengaged, stressed out, burned out and suffering.” 

Introducing New Products
To enhance its Employee Engagement Platform, Limeade introduced two new products that foster bi-directional communication, spur real action, improve the employee experience and drive business results: 

  • Limeade Inclusion+: This new solution helps large employers build more inclusive workplaces. This rich set of software tools and content measures workplace inclusion, provides tangible recommendations to employees, managers and leaders and drives meaningful action to improve the employee experience. Read more about it here.
  • Limeade Engagement+: This new engagement measurement and action engine drives real-time improvement across the entire organization. With Engagement+ leaders, managers and employees join and complete meaningful, personalized activities that drive engagement at work and in life. Read more about it here. 

Bringing Hearts and Minds to Work
“We’re sick of ‘do this, get that HR programs that fail to connect with employees, managers and leaders in a real, culturally significant way. By bringing vibrant technology and a human-first approach, we’re leapfrogging irrelevant wellness programs, ineffective once-a-year engagement surveys, risky, unscientific and manual inclusion efforts – and we’re doing it all in one unified experience,” said Albrecht. “We’re building on our well-being legacy, providing a positive, authentic and supportive experience for employees, so they can be 100% energized at work and in life.” 

Based on this point of view, Limeade developed its “Hearts and Minds at Work” campaign, which illustrates the power of addressing employee engagement from the lens of well-being.  

“Limeade puts caring for employees first,” said Vice President of Creative and User Experience at Limeade, Cliff Drane. “Because when your heart is in it and your mind’s engaged, you go from ‘getting through the day’ to being excited to get to work. This is how we want everyone to feel.”  

To learn more about the new products and see how Limeade brings hearts and minds to work, please visit 

About Limeade:
Limeade is an employee engagement company that builds great places to work by improving well-being and strengthening workplace culture. Limeade integrates well-being, engagement, inclusion and social recognition software into one seamless experience that brings workplace culture to life and inspires a strong connection between employees and companies. With Limeade, employees reconnect to what motivates them at work, which boosts engagement and gives companies the business results they want. Recognized for its own award-winning culture, Limeade is helping the world’s best companies change the way they work. To learn more,