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When people love and use their well-being program, they’re more likely to stay at their organization.

New Limeade Institute research shows that turnover rates were four times higher for employees who didn't participate in a well-being program compared to those who did.

That’s why we just announced the Limeade turnover dashboard — so HR leaders can explore how well-being program participation relates to employee turnover. The dashboard pulls together powerful data through interactive charts and helps organizations understand population trends to help focus their employee retention efforts.

Limeade TurnoverDashboard 300x194 - 3 STEPS TOWARD LOWER TURNOVER

It all starts with motivating your employees to take well-being into their own hands. So here are three steps to encourage them to register for (and actually use!) your well-being program.

Download our top 3 recommendations for higher participation, better well-being and lower turnover:

Screen Shot 2019 06 12 at 11.07.37 AM 232x300 - 3 STEPS TOWARD LOWER TURNOVER

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