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8 ways 2016 gave us hope

This year felt like a roller coaster. But there’s a lot of promise going into 2017. Why? For starters, check out “Google’s Year in Search for 2016.” Then, wrap yourself up with “hygee” — our favorite word of the year, a Danish term for cozy and content — and read a few hopeful stories:

Earth-shattering advancements:

  • Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from 2014? The money raised helped the ALS Association discover a significant gene linked to the disease.
  • A solar-powered plane went around the world without landing! We’re changing the way we think about renewable energy and travel.

Sports underdogs coming out on top:

  • After 108 years, the curse is over — the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.
  • Lebron James fulfilled his promise and led the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA title. 
  • English soccer team Leicester City won the Premier League Title. A legendary sports story about a 5000:1 odds triumph, pizza incentive and mighty team spirit.

Nature making a comeback:

What stories made your heart soar in 2016?