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9 questions with 9Slides

Today we announced an acquisition of multimedia learning company 9Slides. Learn more about CEO Ruchit Garg, the driving force behind the company, in our Q&A below.  

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Let’s start at the beginning. Where did you grow up?

I’ve spent most of my life in India, where I grew up, went to school, attended college and worked until I came to the U.S. about seven years ago. I lost my father when I was 10, so I had a lot of responsibilities at a much younger age than most. The hardship prepared me for the road ahead – I’ve learning nothing is impossible.

What major milestones led you to creating 9Slides? How did the company evolve?

Originally 9Slides started out as a way to create more engaging online presentations, allowing users to easily share their story (not just slides) on any device. However, we noticed our technology was mostly used for training and learning scenarios, so we pivoted it into an online training solution.

Why’d you choose to collaborate with Limeade?

Limeade was actually a 9Slides customer, and we felt a connection with them since the beginning (probably because we’re both driven towards improving the workforce). There’s a ton of mutual respect and admiration between both teams. It made sense to bring in 9Slides training under Limeade to build a grand vision for happy, engaged and high-performing workforce.

What’s one of the most pivotal moments in your career?

Leaving Microsoft to start my own company was by far the most pivotal moment in my career. This created limitless possibilities of who I could be and what I could achieve. It wasn’t easy (nerve-racking at times) but it really opened me up to how I would approach and embrace various situations.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Tenacious, trustworthy and always motivated.

How do you start and end your day?

My morning starts with packing lunch for my kids before dropping them off at school. Before bed, I meditate to clear my mind and prep for the next day.

Words you live by?

Take care of your words, and the words will take care of you.

How do you spend your time outside work?

With my family, watching Bollywood movies and reading. I’d love to travel to distant parts of the world.

What inspires you?

The fact that I can change the world, just like anyone else can.