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What anything is possible means at Limeade

At Limeade, we’re constantly striving to improve. While our “culture of improvement” is laced through all of our values, it’s especially true for one – Anything is Possible. We see possibilities and aren’t afraid of taking risks. We’re constantly dreaming up imaginative side projects to improve Limeade systems and processes.

Twice a year we have an “Anything is Possible” Day. The goal of this all-company meeting is to strengthen connections with Limeade and each other, develop a shared understanding of our strategy and, most importantly, work on personal and company improvement.

Day 1 highlights:

CEO Henry Albrecht kicked things off by presenting our company vision and discussing what he’s excited about in the future. Head of UX Cliff Drane also presented compelling storyboards showcasing a very promising user story. Cliff’s inspiring storytelling helped everyone envision what’s possible — with smart technology and thoughtful design.  

During breaks in between sessions, LimeMates yoga, meditation, stretching and walks around Bellevue.

One of the most popular activities was the breakout sessions. Each breakout group discussed what collaboration means, what it looks like when done well and when not done well – all with examples. Each small group agreed on one common challenge we face daily and came up with solutions together. Surprisingly, almost every group focused separately on meetings. We all agreed that we need better meeting etiquette, less meetings overall and better ways to get work done. 

Day one wrapped up with a fun scavenger hunt around Bellevue. Teams collected clues, took photos, and learned more about Limeade and their teammates. The scavenger hunt concluded with a party at our office.


Day 2 highlights:

Another highlight from Anything Is Possible 2016 was the presentation of the culture of improvement awards. Twice a year, we give out six values-based awards to employees who best exemplify our six values: We’re a Team, Anything Is Possible, Be It, Speak Plainly, Own It and Delight Our Customers. During the award presentation, leaders spoke a little about each value and what it means as Limeade.

During the two days, Limeade also hosted a handful of engaging and impactful speakers. We heard from Lucy English at Bright Horizons on what it takes to be a dream company. And Sabina Nawaz taught us all about change and how it impacts us in and out of the workplace.