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Limeade gets to know our numbers

This is how I spent a recent morning at the office: being greeted by a smiling healthcare professional (dressed more formally than I was) who ushered me into a private conference room and pricked my finger. Did it hurt or scare me? Not at all. (And I nearly fainted once watching someone else get a shot).

Screen Shot 2015 03 02 at 9.36.14 AM 300x240 - Limeade gets to know our numbersWithin minutes, I had my numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart rate, Body Mass Index (not my fave) and waist-to-height ratio (now we’re talking… I’m 6’6”). Every year I look forward to my screening. My father had a major heart attack at age 52 (still kicking 30 years later!), so I keep a close eye on my heart health metrics. But thankfully, my numbers were good for the second year in a row. I left feeling accomplished, informed and recommitted to the many healthy decisions I make. I’m still looking to squeeze a few of unhealthy ones out. Sorry Crown Royal.

Every year Limeade offers screenings (like those many of our clients use) to all of our employees. It’s a simple, cheap (about $50 a person — less than we spent on our company party), important way to show that we care about our people, their well-being and their lives outside of work. The positive buzz and great energy around the screenings is worth the whole expense. I heard from many colleagues that they loved the ease, the professionalism and the private coaching that immediately followed to explain each result. And now we know where to focus our next health and well-being investments— as individuals and as a company.

Screen Shot 2015 03 02 at 9.38.26 AM 300x229 - Limeade gets to know our numbersTo make our investments easier, everyone’s screening results were automatically uploaded into our LimeMates ‘We’re a Team’ program and augment the personal improvement plan our product creates for each user. (This is our current incarnation of the Limeade technology in our company). Now in addition to engaging in team vs. team steps challenges, volunteering activities, training videos and peer-to-peer challenges, we can all see exactly what our blood wants to tell us. As for me, I know exactly where to focus my energy to live a full life, raise my children well and perform at the highest possible level. I need the energy to guide an amazing company in an aligned way that people respect.

Screenings, coaching (for those who want it) and a personal and company-wide action plan. Just another great way to drink the Limeade.