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Learn how Bloodworks Northwest increased engagement by 147%

Limeade partnered with Bloodworks Northwest in 2009 to improve employee wellness and engagement.

Working with Limeade, BloodworksNW launched Thrive – an internal employee health, well-being and performance program that addresses a broader view of wellness, including sleep, stress, work-life balance and community engagement. The program also seamlessly integrates with existing disease management resources.

Check out our latest success story video to learn how BloodworksNW achieved their goals by driving executive engagement, consistently keeping the program fresh and empowering employees to become program champions.

Bloodworks Northwest Limeade video success story

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Download our FREE written success story for a more in-depth look at BloodworksNW's:

  • Employee health, well-being and performance program Thrive
  • Challenge, program goals, solution and results
  • Executive sponsor program

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