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What we learned at Employee Health Care Conference

About a month ago, Conference Board hosted the 16th annual Employee Health Care Conference, in New York and San Diego. Limeade showed up with great presence and excitement.

Employee Health Care Conference – What’s that?

Employee Health Care Conference is an annual conference where top HR leaders attend to learn about innovative HR strategies. The event is put on by Willis Towers Watson, one of the main consulting firms that helps our prospects and clients manage their programs. Limeade invested to show up strong alongside companies like Aetna, Castlight, Cigna, Fitbit, Optum and many more.

Our CEO, Henry Albrecht, teamed up with Allen Kline, VP of Health and Wellness at Kohl’s,  to deliver a powerful presentation – “Well-being is not an HR Strategy.” In both San Diego and New York, the session was standing room only.

“Well-being is not an HR Strategy” focused on how well-being is an internal marketing strategy. It showcases the employee experience, increases participation in other programs and bolsters the employee brand. This presentation covered the evolution of well-being at Kohl’s and how the program breaks down internal silos to put the employee experience first.

Key themes from the conference

  • Pillars of health. Many companies are speaking about health by breaking things into pillars such as financial, social, physical and more. Both Delta and Kohl’s spoke about this during their session’s. This has become a trend by adding “icons” onto challenge tiles or to pieces of communication allowing for more cohesive understanding of health goals throughout the company.
  • Personalization and targeting. Employers know that offering the same experience to all employees is not effective. They want personalized and targeted programs that meet their people where they are and address what’s important to them. Both Johnson & Johnson and Delta spoke about how this importance of delivering a personalized experience for their large employee base.
  • Integrations. Employers are looking to connect all of their content, partners and internal programs into one hub for employees. This was a hot topic at the conference and unsurprisingly, the key theme of the Jiff/Johnson & Johnson session. J&J spoke about how they needed to integrate their already established J&J health videos, content and partners into their wellness platform.