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Frozen Friday: Limemates hit the slopes

Last Friday, serendipitously Employee Appreciation Day, we piled into a chartered bus and headed out to the slopes at Snoqualmie Summit for an afternoon of skiing and snow tubing. In stressful times, it’s important for our teams to get time away from computer screens and connect with colleagues, build relationships across departments and have fun. Two of our core values are Be It and We’re a Team. We’ve found that events like Frozen Friday are critical to helping us achieve these values by increasing collaboration, creativity and innovation across our different departments. And let’s face it, we were definitely in need of some Vitamin D and exercise.

What we learned:

  • Snow tubing is not for the faint of heart – you will get wet and you may fall off
  • Our colleagues are ridiculously passionate about iPhone app & party game Heads Up! – play it. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Limemates rock fashionable ski wear

Our favorite snaps from the day:

The Summit

Snoqualmie Mountain


Group photo

group ski shot

skiers on mountain4

group shot after 2

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