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How we bring Limeade culture to life in our product

Here at Limeade, we work to bring our clients’ culture and values to life in their individual wellness programs. And our own program is no different. When we refreshed our own Limeade program, ‘LimeMates Be It,’ we built our values and people into every aspect of the experience – to further bring our culture and values to life.

How We Did It

Each level in the program is named after one of Limeade’s core values:  We’re a Team, Own It, Anything is Possible and Be It.


When we designed our challenges, we made sure they were centered around our people and key initiatives. Some example challenges include:

  • Get on Board – new hire training
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop – Learn about upcoming product developments
  • Flash Fitness – start an impromptu physical activity in the office
  • Cheers not Jeers with Amy – Director of HR  (celebrate a co-worker)


The imagery within the site reflects faces of our employees and pictures of real challenges, and the design of the site reflects our corporate branding and style.


Keeping it Fresh

We regularly add new challenges to keep our “LimeMates Be It’ program fresh and fun. Some of our most recent summer challenges reward employees with points for attending our company picnic, sharing vacation adventures and being a kid this summer. Our own program serves as a test environment for new challenges, design shifts and technology updates, which we then incorporate into our clients’ sites. We are constantly striving to be the best version of ourselves through our program and build the best product for our clients.


This post was written by Shauna Cour, a Strategic Communications Director at Limeade.