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Limeade, Named Top 5 Company to Work for In Washington, Not Satisfied.

Last Thursday, our company was named one of the top 5 midsize companies to work for in Washington. Although we won’t stop shooting for the TOP spot, 5th is pretty great for our first year applying.

We believe that this is a validation of being very intentional about the culture we want, and disciplined about how we build it. For example, we interview people for not just excellence and skills, but for how they embrace and embody our mission – measurably improve well-being in the world – and our values. We even tie whatever end-of-year bonus I might get to the employee well-being score we get from our own Limeade product. We don’t just welcome new employees to the company, we welcome them to the mission as well (with a goofy secret ceremony you have to work here to know about). I could go on…

Having and reinforcing the values that guide our actions allows us to speak a common language – and empowers us to measure ourselves against higher standards, as this chart from TinyPulse shows:

tiny pulse on mission and values - Limeade, Named Top 5 Company to Work for In Washington, Not Satisfied.

Naysayers will say that we are in the employee well-being business – we better rank highly. This is true. The way I see it is that we are on the hook to tell some of the best companies in the world how to assess, improve, reward and measure the health, engagement, performance and well-being of their workforces. So we have to be the best. And although we have 100% engagement in our own Limeade well-being program, and score above our customer base average on Productivity, Well-Being and Health:

Limeade Dashboard 2012 YE - Limeade, Named Top 5 Company to Work for In Washington, Not Satisfied.

…quite frankly, we are not satisfied.

Data matters. But you can’t feel the data. You can feel the energy from all of the impromptu activities that take place around the office. Mini-hoop games of H-O-R-S-E, golf putting contests, epic Nerf battles, after work Risk and Worms sessions, and good old-fashioned happy hours give good vibrations.

We have committed ourselves to transparency in sharing the customer successes and challenges, financial details and employee morale indicators – and other details of the business, both positive and negative. We treasure employee feedback on matters great and small. For example, when asked, “You just cracked open a fortune cookie about your company, what does the fortune cookie say about your company’s future?” a LimeMate wrote:

You will get to a wonderful place, after a crazy journey. It’s all going to happen the way it is supposed to (but not always the way you plan).

When Limeade first became profitable, we took the entire company (only about 10 people at the time) for a vacation in Acapulco. (Thanks to the gracious Patricia and Erick). We were driving around in a minivan with non-existent brakes, broken A/C and doors that could only be opened from the outside. We toured every nightclub in town, swam in the ocean, cleansed our brains of all work thoughts (a painstaking process) and lived the Limeade sitcom.

And still we’re not satisfied…

So if you can bring new ideas and energy, believe in our mission, embrace our values and are a Nerf warrior, drop us a line. We would love to buy you a fish taco.