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Limeade Statement on Racial Injustice

Like many of you, we at Limeade are processing the violence, systemic racism and injustice against Black and African American communities – recently and throughout our history. 

At Limeade, we do not tolerate racism and racial injustice. We are writing about this topic not only because of its impact on our employees, customers and communities, but also because this is a human issue that is intrinsically tied to our mission. We are committed for the long term to equity, diversity, inclusion and racial justice. 

We asked ourselves, what more can we do? 

  • We will be humble, listen and educate ourselves with workshops, trainings, and ongoing education; 
  • With the guidance of our Limeade African American Employee Resource Group, we will facilitate more open discussions on the topics of race and racism so we can better listen and understand our employees on this topic; 
  • We will create and support an internal cross-functional team dedicated to making improvements to better support and ally with our Black and African American colleagues. 

We will continue to use our existing processes to contribute money — with matching funds — and time, to social justice organizations that are driving change. All of us at Limeade have made a conscious decision to dedicate our professional lives to our mission: improve well-being in the world. We are committed to applying this dedication to anti-racist and unifying action today and in the future. 

Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO