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Now introducing: The Limeade Institute

We’re excited to officially establish our Limeade Institute. This team tracks the latest well-being and employee engagement research, while also conducting its own research to help achieve our greater goal of measurably improving well-being in the world.

We’ve been keeping a pulse on well-being for a decade, but we’re happy to establish a dedicated team to bring the science of well-being to life for our customers and employers everywhere.

Meet the small but mighty Limeade Institute team and see what they’re working on:

Laura Hamill, Ph.D.
Research Director and Chief People Officer

Laura Hamill Headshot 232x300 - Now introducing: The Limeade InstituteLaura leads the People Team and is responsible for nurturing the Limeade culture. She worked on the Limeade founding team to develop the world’s first and most comprehensive (Patent Pending) holistic Well-Being Assessment. Laura has 20 years of experience implementing research, assessment and culture strategies in organizations. She earned her Ph.D. in industrial organizational psychology from Old Dominion University and her B.S. in psychology from the University of North Carolina.

“I’m working on reinforcing the Limeade culture of improvement — and my beach volleyball game!”

Julianne Tillmann, Ph.D.
Senior Insights Scientistjulia 232x300 - Now introducing: The Limeade Institute

Julianne leads the Limeade data science team in evaluating broad organizational and program outcomes for our customers and our research projects. She also oversees validation and further development of the Limeade Well-Being Assessment. Julianne earned her Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology from Seattle Pacific University and her B.S. in psychology from Seattle University.

“I’m working on personal and professional development while spending time with my family and hiking in the beautiful Cascade Mountains.”

Alex Smith
Data Scientist

alex 232x300 - Now introducing: The Limeade InstituteAlex drives all data science initiatives at Limeade, where he focuses on conveying the hidden stories in various data sources. He develops internal data-driven tools and processes and finds different ways to leverage their capabilities across the company. As a machine learning practitioner, Alex was ranked in the top 1 percent of worldwide competitors in the data science website,, and has worked on a variety of problems ranging from predicting energy consumption and image classification to the ROI of well-being programs.

“I’m working on being a better data scientist through continued learning in programming, statistics, machine learning technology — and perfecting the art of grilling steak.”

Brittany Dungan, Ph.D.
User Experience Researcher

brittany 232x300 - Now introducing: The Limeade InstituteBrittany conducts primary research for the Limeade Institute that is aligned to our business strategy with a focus on user behavior and the user experience.  With a background in cognitive neuroscience, she has a special interest in understanding human behavior and cognition with real-world applications. She also specializes in data analysis and visualization. She earned her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Oregon.

“I’m working on practicing art daily, studying foreign languages and keeping up with my step goals.”

Lora Kerns
Director of Working Better Together

lora 232x300 - Now introducing: The Limeade InstituteLora ensures our employees (aka LimeMates) work better together with a shared understanding of concepts developed through the Limeade Institute. She breaks down internal silos and finds opportunities for LimeMates to improve processes to continually delight our customers. She champions the customer experience and gives expert advice and coaching on the Limeade vision, emphasizing the practical application of Limeade Institute thought leadership.

“I’m working on bringing my lunch to work, spending time outside EVERY day even when it’s raining (and I hate the rain) unplugging and really listening to my kiddos.”