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Why we’ll #optoutside with REI on Black Friday

Have you heard? This Black Friday, REI will be closing all 143 of their stores and paying employees to head outside.

This decision is completely aligned with who they are as a company – and we couldn’t be any more thrilled about it.

Here’s why we support REI’s move to opt outside:


It stays true to their mission

REI is on a mission to “inspire, educate and outfit its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship.” The move to close stores on the biggest shopping day of the year is a clear indication of how the company lives this mission of outdoor adventure stewardship every day. In a letter to its 5.5 million members, CEO Jerry Stritzke says that Black Friday is the “perfect day to remind people of this essential truth.”

It supports their greatest asset

By closing stores on 11/27, REI is further fostering a culture where employees are supported to live and breathe company values. Instead of reporting to work, employees will be paid to do what they love best – go outside and spend time with family. We couldn’t think of a better form of appreciation for employees. And we know that when an organization shows employee they care about them, employees will pour that energy and commitment right back into the company.

It appeals to their customers

REI may be closing down on a busy shopping day, but they’ll likely see an increase in their bottom line by building brand loyalty and appreciation from customers. Just look at how quickly the announcement went viral. Strizke told CNN: “We can do something like close our doors on Black Friday, and we’ll have the membership that’ll think that’s cool.” REI 1024x743 - Why we’ll #optoutside with REI on Black FridayWe’re inspired by REI’s move to close and opt outside on Black Friday, and hope to see you outside too!