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What is company culture?

Culture isn’t necessarily what you think. Sure, the free food and gym membership you might get are nice, but those perks are just an extension of culture.

What actually defines culture are the collective values, norms and beliefs of your organization — also known as "how things are done around here."

It's the backdrop for everything that happens at your company and the day-to-day experiences. It’s how people act and feel when they come to work every day.

You might have an awesome office, but do you look forward to working with your team?

How do companywide meetings work in your office?

Do you feel comfortable having conversations and bringing new ideas to the table — or are you talked at for an hour?

What makes culture tricky is that you don’t always see it. It’s people’s actions, beliefs and behaviors inside corporate walls. Our Chief People Officer Laura Hamill, Ph.D., says culture is best seen when you walk into the lobby of a new office.

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Think about your own lobby. Not sure what an outsider would say about your culture? Here are some questions you might ask to see it through someone else’s eyes:

  • How would you describe your culture in three words?
  • What parts of the office would you show off in a tour?
  • What’s something about the office that can’t be seen?
  • What do you love about working here?


What answers did you come up with? If they aren’t what you hoped, it’s time for a culture check. Download our e-book to learn how to strengthen your own culture!

Download now to learn:

  • What culture means and looks like
  • The ROI of performance-enhancing culture
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