The most popular work-life balance benefit you’re not offering

There’s no silver bullet for true work-life balance. Because every employee has a different view of what the split means to them, employers can only do so much to foster a productive culture that allows for balance. Here’s what we found when we dove in to what this really means for employees and employers.

Stress-relief breaks – the benefit your workforce needs now

With high-stress levels playing a significant role in employee burnout, managing stress is essential to employee well-being, engagement and productivity. In a recent study with Quantum Workplace, we surveyed nearly 2,000 participants to discover which stress management benefits employees crave.

The emotional health benefit your employees care about most

As an employee engagement platform company, we’re all about engagement and helping employees reach their best health, well-being and performance. One of the things we set out to find in the survey of nearly 2,000 participants is what emotional health benefits employees really want.

Are your employees satisfied with their benefits?

We’ve all heard the importance of having engaged employees – and what an impact they can have in the office – but how about what drives that engagement? Satisfaction with benefits is one notable driver. Here’s what this means for you.