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4 ways to stay fresh and healthy this thanksgiving

With your calendar quickly filling up with holiday festivities, you may find yourself wondering how November arrived so quickly. You’ve no doubt overcome some obstacles over the course of the year, but who has time to self-reflect with vacation requests flying in at lightning speed and planning for 2015 well under way? Fortunately, Thanksgiving arrives just in time to turn our attention towards family, friends, gratitude and food – lots of tempting food.

To help your employees avoid the inevitable slump that Thanksgiving indulgence commonly prescribes, here are four challenges to inspire a healthy, refreshing holiday:

1. Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Contest

With most Americans gaining an average of 10 pounds during the holiday season, it never hurts to have alternatives on hand to help battle the bulge. Over the next few weeks, invite your employees to share healthy renditions of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes and vote on the best. Take this up a notch by hosting a potluck featuring the winning recipes before the holiday.

2. Flag Football

This one is semi-weather dependent, but if at all possible send your employees outside for some flag football! Find a park nearby and take over for the morning or afternoon. Don’t forget to bring the flags and be sure to supply hot apple cider!

3. Turkey Trot 5K

Most cities across the U.S. have a Turkey Trot 5K that benefits a cause somewhere nearby. Incentivize your employees to get up early and break a sweat for charity before the feasting begins by offering points  in your wellness program for participating. Encourage your employees to form a team by offering to match the cost of registration and enjoy some great representation and positive brand awareness out on the course!

4. Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, right? So how about you set up a page where everyone can share some of the things they are grateful for. Studies have shown that the act of expressing gratitude triggers a feel good reaction in our brains that boosts happiness and strengthens our immune system. If you need even more of a reason to start giving thanks at work, consider this: employee recognition delivers a clear ROI on metrics including employee productivity and engagement. Companies with a recognition program in place enjoy on average a 22 percent lower turnover rate than companies that do not.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this awesome Guide to Planning a Healthy Thanksgiving from our friends at Greatist.