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5 Minutes with Kate Farley, Limeade VP of Operations

We think we have a pretty awesome leadership team. Our leaders are creative. They’re visionary. They’re quirky. And we learn so much from them every day. To share what makes this leadership team tick, we kicked off a new Q&A series.

Check out our most recent post in this series — an interview with Limeade VP of Operations, Kate Farley.

Kate Farley Limeade VP of Operations 300x268 - 5 Minutes with Kate Farley, Limeade VP of Operations

What’s one personal well-being goal you’re trying to achieve this year?

Regular, rigorous physical exercise. This is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. Truth is, I really don’t enjoy it. It’s a chore but when I do it I feel great.

What’s your favorite Limeade value and why?

Speak Plainly. I’m not political and I don’t play games — I don’t have the patience or the skill for either. Be transparent and direct — no sugar coating necessary!

If you heard your employees talking about you, what would you want them to say?  

I want my coworkers to say the same thing anyone else in my life would say — that I’m genuinely a good person, that while I’m not perfect and I make mistakes, I always have the best intentions, I’m trustworthy and live my life with integrity, courage and strength.

What is your least favorite chore?

Putting gas in my car — I will do anything to avoid it.

In your eyes, what’s your greatest achievement?

My kids are my greatest achievement. I’m a ‘work in progress’ Mom, despite that my kids are growing into remarkable human beings.

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