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4 Ways to Use Your Wellness Program For New Employee Onboarding

There’s a lot more to your wellness program than just, well…wellness. In addition to developing physical healthier employees, a wellness program can be used to harness awareness and participation in other areas to promote overall well-being and key initiatives. Don’t know where to begin? Try including your new employee onboarding.

on·boarding: the process of bringing in a new employee and providing information, training and mentoring throughout the transition.

When used effectively in your wellness program, new hire onboarding goes beyond filling out paperwork. Your new employees need to be fully integrated into your culture. According to a report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), successful onboarding improves job satisfaction, reduces stress, lowers turnover and results in a more productive and engaged workforce.

Four onboarding challenges to test out:

  1. Paperwork Break: Let’s be honest, filling out new hire paperwork isn’t one of the most exciting things for an employee to do. Reward employees with points in your wellness program and make completing paperwork just a bit more fun.
  2. Attend a Training Session: Most new hires need to attend some sort of training during their first few days. Knowing they will be able to claim points for their attendance helps increase employee enthusiasm to attend and reminds them of the importance.
  3. Set Goals with Manager: Setting clear and measurable goals provide a roadwork for success. Additionally, knowing what is expected at work is critical to employee engagement. Reward new employees for completing goal setting with their first month of employment. As we say at Limeade: “Think big. Be bold.”
  4. Company Education: Enhance awareness of your company’s culture, missions and values by making it a challenge in your wellness program. Familiarizing employees with your company’s vision not only gives them meaning but also drives motivation.

Beyond Wellness

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