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Creativity Meets Purpose: Anything is Possible Day 2018

Months of preparation, two days, 21 shark tank teams, countless great ideas, a ton of conversations, an art museum full of LimeMates, one epic scavenger hunt and just a few laughs…

That was Anything is Possible Day 2018.

IMG 1882 245x300 - Creativity Meets Purpose: Anything is Possible Day 2018Every year, the entire Limeade team (yep, all 240+ of us!) meets in the Bellevue office. It’s a time to celebrate wins, innovate together and plan for the future. On September 17th and 18th, we defined the word “celebration” with our fourth-annual AIP Day. It lived up to the hype, plus some.

On day one, most LimeMates were in the dark. And that was intentional. Maddy Galindo, one of our AIP event planners, said it best: “We wanted people to get excited…to feel the tension behind not knowing and then experiencing something fresh and new. The Own It team activity really delivered that element of surprise when we asked people to brainstorm big ideas. When the cross-functional teams met on the first day, they found out their big idea might become a roadmap reality, shark tank style!”

Every activity and presentation contained moments of surprise and a wealth of information. Each time we assembled, you could feel the energy in the room.

Henry Albrecht, our CEO, discussed the polarity of choices as Limeade grows — should we move really fast or design for scale? Ultimately, we have to embrace two competing ideas, making the small tradeoffs that will drive focused innovation.

Dr. Laura Hamill, our Chief People Officer, helped us see the connection between creativity and innovation (and how regardless of role, we can all be creative). Steven Parker, VP of Customer Success, and his team showcased customer success stories. Eric Ranta, VP of Alliances, shared some insightful thoughts and on-point jokes.

And to celebrate it all, we assembled at the Bellevue Art Museum, the end point of a company-wide scavenger hunt. Together, we raised a glass to past wins and future projects, met remote coworkers in person for the very first time, ate all the sliders (oh, was that just me?) and appreciated the art…

It was an exciting, challenging (in a good way) and collaborative two days. It helped many of us reconnect to why we work at Limeade: it’s a company that really does care for its people, looping us into the big decisions and important conversations that will create real innovation.

We’re all here to make work better. With a team like this, anything is possible.