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Why it’s important to show your employees you care

A person’s well-being is related to engagement at work. But well-being is not entirely an individual construct — it needs organizational support.

Organizational support: The resources and nudges an organization intentionally provides to encourage well-being improvement. 

If the organization is not supportive, change either won’t happen or be sustainable. Organizations should provide the policies, visible leadership support, role modeling, nudges and norms to fully support well-being improvement.

The data shows that employees are more likely to feel higher levels of well-being when they feel higher levels of organizational support. The opposite is true, too — employees are more likely to feel lower levels of well-being when they perceive lower organizational support.

72 percent of people who felt their organization cared about their well-being also reported they had higher organizational support.

As perceptions of support decreased, so did the perception of well-being. Only 7 percent of employees with lower organizational support reported feeling higher well-being. Most employees fell into two camps — feeling higher levels of support and higher levels of well-being or feeling lower levels of support and lower well-being — which reinforces the close relationship between the two.

It’s unlikely that people who report having higher well-being in their lives would also say they work for an unsupportive organization (and vice versa). This research indicates that organizations should provide the policies, visible manager and leadership support, role modeling, encouragement and norms to fully support well-being improvement.

Limeade sees organizational support at both the local and organization-wide levels:

orgsupport_2Local support:

  • Manager
  • Team/peers
  • Social networks
  • Physical work environment

Organization-wide support:

  • Strategic alignment (including mission and values)
  • Leaders
  • Tools and programs (“make well-being come to life”)
  • Culture

At Limeade, we create awareness with our customers on the important role organizational support plays in well-being improvement. In addition, we can design our programs (through challenge content, challenges personalized for specific groups like managers and our communications) to help demonstrate to employees how their organizations support their well-being improvement.