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Limeade Womxn ERG Shaping Our Employee Experience

At Limeade, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are important sources of connection and community, especially during difficult times. The Limeade Womxn ERG is a group of LimeMates — regardless of gender identity — dedicated to empowering one another in work and life and actively engaging women in the Limeade present and future. Limeade Womxn brings relevant and timely content that impacts LimeMates’ lives to the table for discussion.

During a retrospective with Limeade ERG members earlier this year, ERG leaders found a theme amongst the feedback: Women want to know their value, they want to stand up for it and they want to feel valued at work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected women and their place in the workforce. The lack of schooling and childcare forced more than 3 million women to leave the labor force in 2020, due to unprecedented pressure and responsibilities at home — highlighting how much “invisible labor” women do while balancing a career. It’s no surprise that women aren’t feeling valued.

Finding, Knowing & Promoting Your Value

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On the heels of Women’s History Month and to honor Equal Pay Day, Limeade Womxn welcomed Ashley Quinto Powell as a guest speaker to talk about finding, knowing and promoting one’s value when it comes to work. Ashley Quinto Powell is a tech industry veteran, revenue and self-advocacy expert who focuses on the intersection of work, family and self. As a recognized national speaker, Quinto Powell shared valuable insights and advice from her extensive experience as a sales leader, mentor to women and her own personal experience.

Quinto Powell presented guidance on how to break through the noise of job searches, tips on researching how much you are worth in the market and negotiation best practices. She captivated ERG members by sharing witty anecdotes from her life.

“What had the biggest impact on me was simply getting a message about being an advocate for yourself in your career without needing to package it with a hetero-alpha-masculine-etc. attitude.”

– R&D Leader and Limeade Womxn Ally

Many members of the ERG asked questions about what to do if you receive an offer that is below your salary expectations and you have tried to negotiate but are still told no. Quinto Powell’s advice, “that’s not the place for you.” Another asked, what to do if you believe your advancement opportunity will result in less family time? Quinto Powell answered that we define our boundaries at work — if we have firm times that are off limits for work, people will respect it. Take the opportunity, simply define and hold those boundaries for family time.

“Ashley Quinto Powell made me feel empowered! I was delighted by her humor and honesty and inspired by her passion related to her personal happiness, professional success, her family. Ashley is engaging, direct and real. Thank you Ashley and Limeade Womxn for the great conversation. I am leveraging Ashley’s advice as I continue my various life journeys.”

– Customer Success and Limeade Woman

Meetings like this are the reason ERGs are so valuable to organizational culture. It demonstrates care, creates a safe space for difficult conversations and provides a sense of belonging for employees.

Limeade Womxn will be collaborating with the Black LimeMates Kings and Queens (BLKQ) and Developing Professional ERGs to welcome guest speaker, Janelle King, in June. King will be running a workshop called Know Your Worth for attendees, continuing with the theme of value.