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Traveling? How to Keep Your Well-Being in Check

Headed out on a business trip? Traveling can be fun but early mornings, long flights and hotel beds can take a toll on your body. While traveling is known for boosting your happiness, a recent study shows frequent travel is damaging to health and well-being. From jet lag to pricey airport meals, we’ve got the scoop on how to keep your well-being in check while traveling.

10 tips to prepare you for healthy travel:

1. Stick to a routine. Get in the right mindset from the beginning by creating your own travel schedule. Finding a rhythm in the chaos of airports, crowds, security checks and hotels will help you feel grounded — and keep your mind at ease.

2. Meditate. Mindfulness is known to reduce anxiety and distraction, increase energy and lower blood pressure. Take a few minutes to create in-flight mindfulness by closing your eyes, breathing deeply and picturing a relaxing and easy flight experience. Are you a nervous flier? Conquer your fears and hear from ex-nervous flier Tim Benjamin in The Fear of Flying School podcast.

3. Pack snacks. Fuel your body throughout your entire trip by packing healthy and portable snacks like energy bars, trail mix, almond butter and an apple or banana. Not only will you avoid expensive airport food but you’ll feel energized throughout the entire trip.

4. Stay hydrated. Don’t skip out on staying hydrated before, during and after your flight. Pack an empty water bottle in your carry on and fill it up before boarding. You can even ask the flight attendants to fill your bottle with purified water throughout the flight and before you land.

5. Move around and get your blood flowing. Long flights can leave you restless and potentially cause blood clots. Book the aisle seat, stretch your legs or stand up and walk around every hour if you’re on a longer flight.

6. Carry on cleansing wipes for a quick and easy clean. Airplane travel can wreak havoc on your skin and airport delays can leave you running straight to your meeting upon arrival. Don’t stress. Swipe your face or body with a cleansing wipe to stay fresh and look awake.

7. Bring your own pillow. Sleep is crucial for being productive. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “sleep deprivation and jet lag can have a profound effect on your alertness.” Stuff a pillow in your carry on to support your neck and increase comfort during a flight or while sleeping in a hotel bed.

8. Maintain your workout schedule. Are you used to waking up and working out? Don’t skip your routine physical activity while you’re on the road. Use the hotel gym, swim laps in the hotel pool or go for a run outside like you usually would.

9. Boost your immune system and avoid germs with sprays, vitamins and disinfectants. Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” recommends Thera-Zinc Spray, peppermint clove flavor. He says, “I use this 2-4 times per day during a full day of travel, along with 1g of vitamin C every 1-2 hours. It’s cheap insurance for immune support when surrounded by coughing, sneezing and phlegm-spraying bipeds.”

10. Stay connected and plan ahead. Will you be attending social events, meetings or conference speakings on your next trip? Follow social media channels, join social groups and plan out your event schedule ahead of time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Business trips and conferences are a great time to reconnect with old colleagues and network.

Are you a well-being warrior? Put these travel tips to the test and join us at Limeade Engage!