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Why we’re taking a tech break this holiday season

When was the last time you checked your phone? Or better yet, are you reading this on your phone right now?

According to NYU professor Adam Alter, the average millennial picks up their smartphone 150 times a day – and it’s not just to text their loved ones. In fact, the average worker checks their email 36 times an hour. Yikes.

We’re constantly inundated with emails, alerts and messages which not only distracts us from work, but also from our time to recharge.

We know from Project Time Off that employees work smarter and harder when they’ve had time to refresh. Unfortunately, 2 in 3 Americans report working on their PTO days. Which is why we’re challenging ourselves to a tech break this holiday season.

From December 24th – December 30th we’re turning off our social media notifications and hanging up our blogging hats so we can return refreshed and ready for 2018. Are you with us?

For more on the health benefits of unplugging check out Huffington Post.