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Limeade Celebrates Landmark Year of Company Growth, Global Expansion and Improved Employee Engagement

Limeade users have higher well-being and engagement, with lower turnover

Bellevue, Wash., Dec. 20, 2018 — Today employee engagement company Limeade celebrates a year of product and business milestones, including significant improvements in the employee engagement, retention and well-being of their users.

Limeade users are twice as likely to stay with their company than non-users – and more frequent Limeade users are more than three times as likely to stay. While employee engagement remains stagnant across the U.S., engagement among Limeade users increased by two percent from 2017 to 2018. For the average Fortune 500 company, one percent more engagement correlates to $150 million in incremental revenue, according to Aon Hewitt. Well-being is also on the rise for Limeade users – 80 percent of employer customers saw overall well-being improvements.

“Limeade is leading the market with science, innovation and heart,” said Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO. “With the innovation of our platform, our global expansion and our recent Sitrion acquisition, we’re positioning Limeade users, customers, partners and employees for greatness in the new year. The best is yet to come.”

Key 2018 milestones for Limeade include:

Employee experience and communications acquisition bolsters Limeade offering

Limeade acquired Sitrion, creator of the award-winning ONE app, which is revolutionizing employee communications and workflows with one simple, personalized mobile app. By combining ONE technology with the Limeade platform for well-being, employee engagement, inclusion and social recognition, Limeade is poised to transform the employee experience on a global scale in 2019.

Limeade delivers insights and actions to improve workplace inclusion and employee engagement

This year Limeade launched Inclusion+ and Engagement+, new solutions that help large employers build more inclusive workplaces and improve employee engagement. This rich set of software tools and content measures inclusion and employee engagement and drives meaningful action for employees, managers and leaders to improve the employee experience.

New diagnostic tools help customers retain top talent

Limeade launched tools that help prevent turnover and burnout – two issues fueling today’s talent war. The new turnover diagnostic tool identifies employee groups likely to leave and prescribes activities to lower turnover risk. The new burnout risk indicator uncovers employee risk for burnout based on engagement and well-being measures. Both tools enable customers to target at-risk groups with science-backed activities that improve well-being, sense of purpose, stress management and more.

Limeade expands commitment to the global workforces

Limeade delivers a relevant and engaging employee experience to international workforces. In 2018 Limeade launched a new user-centric Global Well-Being Assessment, international offices in Germany and Canada, four new data centers on three continents and 26 new global customers. In addition to adhering to U.S. HIPAA law, Limeade is Privacy Shield and GDPR compliant as part of its long-standing commitment to privacy and security.

The Limeade Institute battles burnout with new research & resources

The burnout risk indicator is based on new research from the Limeade Institute, revealing how organizations are burning out their most engaged employees. Because burnout is particularly rampant in healthcare organizations, the Limeade Institute launched a Caregiver Burnout Consortium to share employee burnout research, educate people on burnout prevention and provide a forum for healthcare companies to share best practices to address the burnout epidemic. Each quarterly meeting tackles issues related to burnout with research, peer discussion and best practice sharing.

Strategic partner integrations add value for customers

Limeade strengthened its solution with a new suite of partner integrations. For example, the Limeade app is on the Fitbit Iconic and Versa smartwatches, providing surveys and daily tips to help improve well-being. Limeade also now connects with employee calendars to recommend relevant well-being activities and schedule time for employees to complete them.

Limeade and its customers are named ‘Best Workplaces’

In 2018, Limeade customers received 37 national best workplace awards including Forbes, Fortune and more. Twenty of those awards are related to nurturing diverse and inclusive cultures. The Limeade culture of improvement also received accolades including Great Place to Work & Fortune 2018 Best Medium Companies, Best Workplace for Millennials and Best Workplaces in Technology and Seattle Business Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For. Limeade was also honored for rapid growth on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500 list for the fifth year in a row.

About Limeade
Limeade is an employee engagement company that builds great places to work by improving well-being and strengthening workplace culture. Limeade integrates well-being, engagement, inclusion, social recognition and communication software into one seamless experience that brings workplace culture to life and inspires a strong connection between employees and companies. With Limeade, employees reconnect to what motivates them at work, which boosts engagement and gives companies the business results they want. Recognized for its own award-winning culture, Limeade is helping the world’s best companies change the way they work. To learn more, visit