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10 Truths about Resilience in the Workplace

By: Will Hayden

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Blog Post | Mental Health

How to Support Employee Mental Health in the Workplace

Learn about the business impact of emotional wellness in the workplace, and get 6 strategies to improve mental health at work.

Mindfulness resilience in times of stress and change

Blog Post | Mental Health

How to Support Mindfulness and Resilience in Your Organization

The caring approach that can help during challenging times is teaching and encouraging mindful resilience and supporting resilient minds.

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Why Teacher Mental Health and Well-Being are Critical for Success

With burnout among teachers on the rise, educational institutions need to prioritize the mental health and well-being of their educators to help them succeed in the classroom.

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Blog Post | Mental Health

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Workplace

Explore how taking a mindful approach to work through personal actions and organizational support can increase work well-being for your employees.

About the author

Will Hayden

Will is a content creator based in Pittsburgh, PA. He started his career as a brand creative, writing commercials for Dr Pepper, Snapple, and Jeep. Will also has a passion for social justice and well-being, and recently took a break from his marketing roles to pursue a master's degree in social work.

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