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Physician Well-Being and Mental Health Requires Constant Care

By: Mady Peterson

physician experiencing employee burnout

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About the author

Mady Peterson

As Manager of Content Marketing at Limeade, Mady is focused on creating a consistent voice across all marketing materials and owning the Limeade brand voice.

Mady has a background in communications, PR, social media and digital marketing including both B2B and B2C content creation and strategy. She received a BA in Communications and Minor in Journalism from Gonzaga University and played collegiate volleyball for Chapman University. You can find her work featured in top publications such as Forbes, U.S. News, Martha Stewart, InStyle, HuffPost, Money and more.

She is a passionate employee experience content marketer with a love for telling stories, wordsmithing and educating others on the power of brand voice.

Outside of Limeade, Mady is a Mom, TV fanatic and avid traveler. Her favorite Limeade value is Listen Well, Speak Plainly.

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